Dental Fillings

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Dental Fillings

Dental filling is the more conservative restoration of damaged tooth due to tooth decay. The main causes of tooth destruction are tooth decay (damaged tooth), crack and abrasion (from mechanical strain).

The choice of modern dentistry for the dental fillings and the anterior and posterior teeth is synthetic resin. Alternatively, porcelain is also used in larger lesions. Materials such as amalgam (black filling) are no longer used as materials.

The advantages of resins are many:

  • High aesthetics as they do not stand out from the natural tooth
  • High resistance to chewing forces that gives a multiannual prognosis
  • Ability to repair a part of a filling
  • Strong adhesion to the tooth
  • Reduced tooth grinding in relation to amalgam fillings where there was a forced cut of a healthy tooth
  • Absolute biocompatibility with the body
Εμφράξεις Denta
Εμφράξεις Denta

The possibilities we have with composite resin fillings are many. In detail , we can

  • Repair any small or medium size damage to a tooth,
  • Replace black fillings
  • Close gaps between the teeth that retain food remnants and cause inflammation in the gums, resulting in tooth decay
  • Fill in points of teeth that are damaged.
Εμφράξεις Denta
Εμφράξεις Denta
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“Preventing is better than healing“; therefore, it is important to keep children and adults properly informed about oral hygiene as well as eating habits.

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Detailed dental examination takes place at the first visit. After the information is collected, the diagnosis and alternative treatment plans will be analysed.

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Our scientific team with excellent education and continuous training is able to cope with all the dental needs of our patients.

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