Dental Bridge

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Dental Bridge

The dental bridge is a stationary prosthetic work that replaces one or more missing teeth.

It is based on adjacent natural teeth – supports.

The dental bridges are permanently welded at the natural teeth, unlike the removable dentures, which are removed and repositioned in the mouth by the patients themselves.


  • Chewing, speech and face aesthetics are improved.
  • They are firmly welded.
  • They are accepted very easily without the feeling of a foreign body in the mouth.


  • The need to grind the natural teeth used as supports. This disadvantage can be overcome by implant placement.
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“Preventing is better than healing“; therefore, it is important to keep children and adults properly informed about oral hygiene as well as eating habits.

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Detailed dental examination takes place at the first visit. After the information is collected, the diagnosis and alternative treatment plans will be analysed.

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Our scientific team with excellent education and continuous training is able to cope with all the dental needs of our patients.

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