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Εξοπλισμός Denta Clinic καθαριστές αέρα
15 Jun 2021

Equipment of Denta with special air purifiers

Applying the infection prevention protocols thathave been proposed by the Hellenic Dental Federation as wellby the American Dental Association in dealing with the pandemicCOVID-19 the air of the Denta is now cleaned by specialistsWINIX ZERO and BONECO air purifiers.WINIX ZERO has 4 stages of air...

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Για ένα σωστό βούρτσισμα Denta
20 May 2021

For a proper brushing

One of the most important factors in maintaining good oral hygiene is brushing your teeth. By brushing we achieve the removal of the dental plaque that is responsible for caries (tooth decay) and the appearance of periodontal disease (gingivitis or periodontitis).Unfortunately, it is not...

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Γιατί μόνο το βούρτσισμα δεν αρκεί Denta
09 Apr 2021

Because brushing alone is not enough.

For a complete oral hygiene, brushing alone is not enough. This is because the toothbrush cannot reach and clean the areas between the teeth (interdental spaces). That is why it is necessary to use dental floss to clean these inaccessible areas. Its use is...

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Πώς να μην αμελούμε την επίσκεψή μας Denta
15 Mar 2021

How not to neglect our visit.

We all know that a smile is nice when we have healthy and especially clean teeth. The care of our teeth must be daily and very careful. But this is not enough, they also need scientific monitoring at least 2 times a year by...

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