Because brushing alone is not enough.

Γιατί μόνο το βούρτσισμα δεν αρκεί Denta
09 Apr 2021

Because brushing alone is not enough.

For a complete oral hygiene, brushing alone is not enough. This is because the toothbrush cannot reach and clean the areas between the teeth (interdental spaces). That is why it is necessary to use dental floss to clean these inaccessible areas. Its use is simple.

Cut a piece of thread about 30-40 cm. Wrap the tips around the middle fingers leaving a free section between. Keeping the floss stretched, we pass it between the teeth with special care so as not to exert too much force and injure the gums. When the floss touches the gums,
hold it in contact with the surface of the tooth and remove the microbial plaque by moving it in the direction from the gums to the top of the tooth. Repeat the procedure for the remaining teeth.

However, there are many patients who have gaps between their teeth (small or large) with the result that the dental floss does not offer the desired result. In these cases the floss gives way to the interdental brushes. They are commercially available in various sizes to meet all needs.
To find the right size for us we may need to try 2-3 different sizes. The brush should rest on the surfaces of the adjacent teeth but without the need to exert much force to pass between them. Its use is just as simple.
After we finish brushing and without rinsing so that a little foam remains in the mouth, we pass the brush and pass it once through all the interdental spaces.

from Stavroula Fotiou